Should I take care of my ears?

Every time I say I’m a music photographer the next few questions are about gear. What type of lens do you use and stuff like that, but when I’ve been asked about what is the most important item on my bag I always say the earplugs. This answer creates a little bit of confusion but I swear it’s the truth. Maybe they are expecting me to start talking about a release of a camera or a new app that nobody knows yet and is gonna be a game changer, but nothing but earplugs. Well, you asked and I answered! Download …

Protest 2020 Sydney

Australia is on Fire! Esta frase podría ser utilizada en otros sentidos, porque Australia siempre suele estar a la última en muchos asuntos como cine, fotografía, arte en general y otras muchas cosas pero esta vez es literal. Australia está ardiendo.